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Posted by Andrew Butler on 06-Mar-2017 | Category: General

Inks and Drops

Thanks Martin and crew for arranging a fantastic evening. This gave me the chance to try something i would never have tried otherwise.

Posted by Shelagh Bidwell on 06-Mar-2017 | Category: General

Inks and Drops

Cheers to all, for bringing in the gear to create these shots, it was fun trying to get the timing right. The first three drops were just backlit and then the one with the orange glass had the side flash on too.

Posted by Martin Sebborn on 05-Mar-2017 | Category: General

Drips and drops evening

Had a very enjoyable evening playing with drips and drops.... The focus is not in the right place on the second wine glass shot - but I quite like it anyway......

Posted by Martin Sebborn on 03-Mar-2017 | Category: General

Iceland - Northern Lights

At long last we got to see them! So many photos from several evenings, but here are a few....

Posted by Shelagh Bidwell on 22-Jan-2017 | Category: General

An Evening of Film Noir

Fun on the stairs! Thanks for being the model, Jean and Martin for directing the light. And cheers for sorting out all the equipment Martin.

Posted by Ann Miles on 22-Jan-2017 | Category: General

Two ShadyCharacters

My images from Friday - very enjoyable - thanks Martin. The fan grill gave a great shadows!

Posted by Martin Sebborn on 21-Jan-2017 | Category: General

Film Noir

A couple of shots I took last night.... One with added smoke

Posted by Andrea Luck on 21-Jan-2017 | Category: General

Last meeting's homework!

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid!

Posted by Tricia Ellis-Evans on 20-Jan-2017 | Category: General

Austrian Christmas lights

Christmas lanterns in a tree - Viehhofen, Austria

Posted by Shelagh Bidwell on 05-Dec-2016 | Category: General

Anglesey Abbey Lights

Great idea, thank you. Really enjoyed the evening.