Toft Photo Group

Year: 2013

Posted by Ann Miles on 10-Dec-2013 | Category: General

Motion Images

Bit slow in getting to it, but a few motion images from last meeting.

Posted by Martin Yeadon on 18-Nov-2013 | Category: General

I thought I'd posted some motion pics!!

Posted by Martin Sebborn on 16-Nov-2013 | Category: General

First full meeting

The first full meeting of TPG took place last night - and a few of the people there bought along photos to share based on the theme "on the move".

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday 24th January at 20:00, and the theme for photos is "Low Light". Please bring along up to 12 images to share with the meeting.

We are planning to assist the Toft Historical Society exhibition in March 2014 with photos from the village, and we plan to hold our own exhibition in September.

Everyone is welcome to come along - there is currently no charge for membership, and the Social Club bar is open if you fancy a drink.

Here's one of the "on the move" shots from last night.

RAF Falcons Display Team

Posted by Ann Miles on 15-Nov-2013 | Category: General

Three Toft Images

Posted by Martin Sebborn on 05-Oct-2013 | Category: General

Some photos to get things started

I have particular interest in airshows, so had to include a shot of the Red Arrows!:

Posted by Martin Sebborn on 05-Oct-2013 | Category: General

Toft Photo Group website launches

Toft Photo Group is the newly formed photographic club in Toft - open to all, whether you live in Toft or not - you just need to have an interest in photography at any level.

We put on a small display at the recent Official Opening of the Toft People's Hall Extension, and have our next meeting on 18th October. We look forward to seeing you there.