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Year: 2014

Posted by Andrea Luck on 27-Dec-2014 | Category: General

My favourite photos of 2014

We love to travel, especially on safari & these are my favourite photos of 2014. The first photo was a walking safari & we got far too close to this huge bull elephant. The guide in the photo is an indication of how close we were! The second is a young leopard who didn't want her photo taken. The Gorillas were quite difficult to photograph because of the dense jungle & the very steep incline so I am happy with the results. The last photo is of a fish eagle about to catch dinner.

Posted by Nuala Tannahill on 26-Dec-2014 | Category: General

Four Favourites from 2014

I was astonished to find I had over 2600 images from this year! Even allowing for the fact that I sometimes store both RAW and JPEG copies I really don't remember pressing the shutter button anything like 1300 times.

It was quite painful choosing these, and I don't think they work together as a set, but they are:Dawn, Radcliffe Camera, Oxford. I couldn't sleep.

My garden. I was supposed to be taking out the bins I think, then I saw the low winter sunlight hitting these raindrops and I ran for my camera instead.

Linton Zoo. I just found something absorbing in this little hand (well, foot), so similar to our own.

Portugal, ancient fortified town. If you turned in the opposite direction you could throw stones into Spain (if that was your sort of thing).

Posted by Ann Miles on 26-Dec-2014 | Category: General

Four Favourites from 2014

Here are four of my favourites from 2014;- a Common Darter on unripe blackberry in ToftWood, Misty Trees at Burton on Trent, Northern Lights Iceland 27th February and Sunrise Richmond Park.

Posted by Martin Sebborn on 26-Dec-2014 | Category: General

My 4 images for 2014

Here is my 4 shots from 2014. First shot was taken at Pickering Flower Festival, second at Bempton Cliffs, third shows 3 Gnats at RAF Waddington Airshow and finally the poppy celebration at the Tower of London

Posted by Nuala Tannahill on 08-Jan-2014 | Category: General

Nuala's Three Pictures

Three pictures chosen from the last couple of years:

The Portuguese seem to love tea as much as the British - I have not had such a good cup of tea in a long time. I particularly liked this photo because it is (inadvertently) a portrait of my rather bored teenage son.

Bourn Brook late autumn 2012 - the inevitable photograph of Toft. I had to stop myself putting three photographs of Toft in!

Aldeburgh summer 2013. I do not know who sits in this chair. This sums up Aldeburgh for me, personally.